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Sailing CX - passion, intuition and mindset

Savannah - a true customer experience

Every summer we rent a sailing boat in the Swedish archipelago. The sailing in itself is an amazing experience and something I would recommend anyone, but the actual renting experience so far has been consisting of practicalities. The size of the boat, where it is located and of course price have guided our decision for years. The renting agreement is normally concluded by a handshake and going through the most important matters with the understandably protective owner. Every year it is a constant carrying of bags full of sheets, towels, clothes, sailing gear, food and drinks until finally the floating caravan is filled to the brim and we can load on kids and adults. Piuh, first evening is always a mayhem of finding something to cook while getting accustomed to the boat and leaving the safety of the harbour behind.

Now this, was before Savannah!

For some reason, last summer, we came across this boat in the right size, but a bit further away. With not so many options we thought we'd give it a try. A decision we did not regret. All of a sudden, the renting experience itself became a true pleasure. We were told that bedlinen and towels were included and sailing gear available on the boat. When we arrived the passionate owner helped us with a chariot to pull the bags through the harbour and once the practicalities were finalised he presented us with a kilo of fresh shrimps and a bottle of wine, with the same name as the boat!!! I was stunned! If you have not experienced Swedish fresh shrimps on the west coast, you may not appreciate the magnitude of this deed, but at the moment it was just perfect!

Surprise and delight your customers

The guy is a CX genius, and, the best thing is, he does not know it himself! It is all based on passion, intuition and mindset. He is genuinely passionate about his boat and equally passionate about his customers. He understands the painpoints of his customers and he solves them. He even takes it so far as to surprise and delight his customers with a gift which saved us from cooking and gave us an immediate warm and loyal feeling to the boat and its owner (at what to him is a small cost in comparison). When we returned the boat he asked us for feedback - can something be improved, do you need anything else, what did you like...? And, just before Christmas, we got a Christmas card! I am throughly impressed by the customer experience the owner of this boat has given us and the boat is already booked for next year. Not because of practicalities or rational reasoning, but because we are emotionally connected to Savannah. We trust the owner, we love the boat and we love the way we were treated. This is true customer experience, so simple, yet so powerful.

Key learnings from Savannah

1. Understand your customers

2. Solve their painpoints

3. Surprise and delight

4. Keep in touch

Solve your customer painpoints

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